It’s ‘Ladies only’ as this group set off on their third annual cycle in memory and in honour of their dear friend Jacqui. Jacqui Campbell passed away in the Foyle Hospice in November 2019, a place she called ‘home from home’. Such was the care and comfort she received there. Jacqui was just 45 when she died.

The Foyle Hospice provided the care needed, and also gave comfort and support to Jacqui and her family at the most difficult time in all their lives.

Jacqui had been a dedicated fundraiser for the Foyle Hospice for years before she died. Her aunt had received palliative care there and Jacqui saw first-hand the specialist care they provide. And so she asked her friends to continue the fundraising after her death. And this group of dedicated friends, and family, are doing just that. This group of ladies are ensuring Jacqui’s wish is carried out and they really are heroines in fundraising

Before her death, Jacqui set up a ladies-only book club for friends and neighbours from both sides of the border called ‘No Frontiers’. The book club members honoured her Foyle Hospice fundraising wishes by signing up for their first Ladies Only Cycle in 2019, while she was still there to cheer them over the finish line. The term ‘no frontiers’ means ‘no frills’ or ‘not an easy task’. It really sums up Jacqui. She faced life in it’s toughest form knowing it wasn’t going to be easy. But she never gave up. And still, almost 3 years after her death, she hasn’t given up. Her legacy lives on in the cycle, in the book club. These ladies are ensuring that the difficult task Jacqui faced, will be lessened for others thanks to the ongoing fundraising of ‘No Frontiers’ and gang.

The cycling ladies have raised £15,000 to date for the Foyle Hospice and hope to increase that with this year’s cycle.

The 2022 cycle will take place on Sunday, October 2, at 9am. It will set off from the Foyle Hospice grounds on Culmore Road and will follow three courses, a road course of either 40km (25miles) or 80km (50 miles) and a cycle path course of 32km (20miles). 

Jacqui’s oldest daughter, 17-year-old, Katie, has pedalled along with the ladies from the beginning.

Jacqui’s husband, Cóilín, and their three children, Aaron, 19, Katie, 17, and Niamh, 10, had also continued to honour their beloved wife and mother’s fundraising wishes. Following the first anniversary of Jacqui’s death, they switched on the Christmas Tree and sponsored the Lights of Love event at the Foyle Hospice.

I was very fortunate to have known Jacqui and was honoured to have read and discussed many books with her. To be in Jacqui’s presence was a special place to be. She made you feel special. And she continues doing this in death.

The cycle is now in it’s third year. Even the pandemic didn’t stop it. There really are ‘no frontiers’ for this group of ladies, Jacqui’s cycling heroines.

To have known Jacqui is to have been inspired by her. She touched everyone she met and that lives on in the determination and the love that oozes out of the cycling ladies and her family in their continued fundraising to help others as Jacqui wanted.

So as the cycling heroines head off next weekend, why not donate to their extremely worthy cause. Keep Jacqui’s wish going and keep the Foyle Hospice continuing to keep others in the comfort they deserve at a time they deserve it most.

If you would like to donate to the ladies’ fundraising effort search ‘No Frontiers Jacqui’s Girls’ on JustGiving or via the link:

Alternatively, you can donate online or register for the cycle at or visit the Fundraising Centre at Foyle Hospice, 61 Culmore Road, Derry.