Father and son team, David and Brook Wylie, milk 100 Holstein Friesian and pure-bred Jersey cows right here in Muff. They plan to increase the herd to 120 as part of their five-year-plan. David has been milking cows for more than 50 years and was joined by his son Brook in 2010. Youngest son Corey is also a major part of the family team, helping before and after his daily work. So it’s a real family driven team.

David’s wife Louise assures me that it is she who is responsible for bringing the herd of girls in and out for milking so credit to herself too!!

The Wylie men were honoured in Sligo yesterday at an awards dinner, for the Lowest TBC in Liquid Milk. David and Brook credit their success to meticulous cleanliness and attention to detail as well as a consistent milking routine.

Key practices that have earned them these results and award are: maintaining a clean parlour inside and out; effective milking machine wash cycles; clean cows, clean yards, and good roadways.

David and Brook take great pride in their farm, and with their conscientious attention to detail and diligent care, down to the little things, they enjoy ensuring its future for the next generation and beyond.

Many congrats to David and Brook on their recognition, and award for dedication to their work. And to the extended Wylie family who contribute to making this the award winning farm that it is.