It really was sad for the whole village when it was announced late last week that there would be NO Muff Festival this coming summer. The remaining committee members have tried to get more help on board and help plan what would be the 40th annual festival in the village but have been unsuccessful in their quest.

The festival committee announced last week:

Unfortunately due to the lack of committee members, there will be no Muff Festival this August Bank Holiday weekend. The remaining committee members have had numerous meetings over the past few weeks to try to obtain more help but unfortunately, that has been unsuccessful. We can assure you, Muff Festival is not gone for good, we will try again next year in 2023 to hold our 40th.Thanks for now!

Everyone is very aware that there is still much anxiety around the issue of Covid and it is most likely that people are not willing just yet to get involved in something like forming a new committee. But we all certainly do live in hope that more people will come forward and offer to give their time so that the 40th annual Muff Festival can hopefully go ahead next year.

If you are interested in giving your time to help form a new committee to invest in bringing back our festival weekend please do send a wee private message to Muff Festival facebook page.

Huge thank you must be given to Emma McLaughlin who gave so many years dedication to the festival and made the decision to step aside now as we go into the new era. Emma gave her time (and so much of it) for so many years, and always succeeded in giving the village a weekend to remember. Emma will no doubt be missed by all involved, but her presence I’m sure will be seen at future festivals.

Here’s to bringing back the Muff Festival and making Muff proud once again.