Covid-19 Good News

Covid-19 Sufferers have had some great news from the National Health Service in England.

Indeed there are two pieces of good news from them:-

  1. There is a tiny re-infection rate, i.e. you are highly unlikely to catch Covid-19 a second time.
  2. You have long lasting immunity after having the coronavirus

That’s great isn’t it?

National Health Service Covid-19 Figures

The National Health service in England has just issued figures showing the above to be true.

They analysed 4 million Covid-19 infections, i.e. all of those who caught it in England.

They found that just 0.4% of those (16,000) were possible re-infections. And that is only possible infections. Some of these positive tests may have been false positives as the equipment used isn’t 100% effective. It could also be Long Covid causing some of these which could continue to shed virus after he 90 days of these results.

When they look at probably re-infections, i.e. having it twice, the figures fall to only 478 out of 4 million. That’s only around one in 10,000. Even some of those might have been false positives.

So, counting all the possibles as real re-infections that still gives you 99.6% protection.

Counting just the probables that gives you 99.98% protection.

Highly Unlikely to Have Covid-19 Again

So, you are highly unlikely to get it again.

Indeed having had Covid-19 is better protection for you than any of the vaccines.

The mRNA Pfizer one offers most protection at 95%. The Moderna vaccine, also an mRNA vaccine, gives 94%. The Russian one gives 91% protection.

The AstraZeneca one gives 70% and the single jab Janssen one gives you 67% protection from catching it again.

One wonders at what the result would be if you put a 67% or 70% effective vaccine into a body which already has 99.98% protection.

Producing Antibodies

The French give people who have had Covid-19 only one of the two injections as they don’t need the second one. Indeed, if truth be told they don’t really need the first one. It seems the French found that if you have had Covid-19 and get your first injections you produce between 5 and 10 times the antibodies compared to someone being injected who hasn’t had the virus. So your body is already well prepared for any attack.

Ireland don’t make the under fifties who have had the virus take their second injection.

As others, like myself, know the virus was an awful thing. It wasn’t very pleasant at all – and that is just the lucky ones who pulled through.

Better Protection Than a Vaccine

But at least people who have had the virus now know, from real figures from the NHS (not a survey), that they have much better protection then any vaccine on the market.

Your own body is cleverer at fighting this virus than any of the vaccines created by thousands and thousands of the cleverest medical scientists in the world.

So, will I take the vaccine?

Of course!

It might even push my protection up from 99.98% to 99.99% 🙂

Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

The main reason I’m getting it is so that I can get the vaccine passport when it comes along and be able to fly abroad or get into pubs and restaurants if they ask for it.

I’m only trying to work out which one I should get, the one-shot Janssen vaccine which is available now in Buncrana but which is only 67% effective, or the Pfizer one (coming to the Moville chemists at the end of the month) which is 95% effective but with two injections.

Putting it like that it looks like it is a no brainer, that it should be Pfizer.

However, the figures appear to show that I don’t really need either of them. So, if I don’t need either of them then I would be best to take one-jab Janssen rather than 2-jab Pfizer.

How Long Will Covid-19 Protection Last for Sufferers

So, how long will your protection last if you have had Covid-19?

They are saying at least a year. That’s because they know no better. It has only been going just over a year.

However, we have a clue here from previous coronaviruses SARS and MERS. As Coronaviruses they are closely related to Covid-19.

And SARS and MERS had protection of a minimum of 3 years and many had much longer protection and indeed many still have it.

So, that’s further good news for Covid-19 sufferers.

I’ll definitely have one of the two vaccines available in Moville and Buncrana. I just don’t know yet which one I’ll take. Maybe I should play safe and get the Pfizer one. Or maybe I will get the one-jab Janssen one and get it over with. After all it is not going to take me down from my current 99.98% protection to its 67% protection. It won’t even average the two out. I’ll still have a minimum of 99.98% protection.

Am I brave enough just to take the Janssen one with inferior protection?

I must ponder this.