You might have met them already along the Ture straight? Or maybe at Quigley’s Point. These two young men are causing quite a stir today as they ‘Scoot from Muff to Redcastle’ all in aid of the HSE staff at Letterkenny University Hospital.

They’ve been in practice for months. Scooting around their home in Redcastle; hot-tubbing and bubble filled baths. You name it, they’ve been doing it – yes they’re good to themselves too!!!

All joking aside, these two young men have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the HSE staff at LUH. With such stress and disorder of the past year, everyone needs a laugh. And that’s exactly what Darren and Dean Curran are giving everyone today. And in the process, they’re raising money. Fair play to them both. Credit where credit is due.

So if you meet them in their golden heels, their (rather skimpy) Nurses’ uniform and their ever so cute pink scooters, give them a honk, give them a wave and please give them your money. Money can be donated via PayPal to: [email protected] or to [email protected]

All donations no matter how small will benefit their cause.

Keep scooting lads.