I think we’re all missing out on our favourite dining haunt at present. The Treehouse is such a welcomed addition to our village and provides a truly beautiful setting in which to dine. And it’s right here in Muff.

Although The Treehouse is open for take-away on weekends during this lockdown, it’s the dining experience within that we all crave to return to.

And when we do return to dine here, in the hopefully not too distant future, we have a fine piece of art to appreciate.

A truly spectacular tree carving has been carved just outside The Treehouse. It will be very visible whilst dining in The Crow’s Nest part of the restaurant. And I’m certain it will become a spot for diners to visit and admire either before, or after dining.

The wood carving is one of two crows and a fox on a recently cut-down tree. The said tree had died and was in danger of falling. The management at the restaurant had it cut down as a safety precaution and then proceeded to turn it into a real work of art. Something visually pleasing and not just a tree stump. Something to appreciate and showcase the woodland area surrounding the restaurant.

Work was carried out on the tree by Letterkenny based Ginta’s Carving. And I’m certain you will agree it blends right in with the surrounding area and it really is an exquisite piece of art representing the wooded area of Kilderry, and very much tying in with The Treehouse theme. The natural world coming alive at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant.