It’s not news to anyone today how the number of Covid-19 cases has risen dramatically in recent days, and set to continue in this trend over the coming days and weeks. The Christmas and New Year period are starting to have serious repercussions now. Too many people are suffering with Covid.

Whether you are someone who believes this virus is real and serious, or you are someone who does not, it is time to once again stand together and help suppress the virus once and for all. It’s time to do the right thing to protect those you love. It really is time to put all differences aside and help keep our community safe and help prevent our losing any more lives.

Christmas has proved a very bleak time here in our village with the loss of loved ones and the onset of the virus to so many homes, families and lives. It’s a time we want to help prevent others having to experience. And we can. But only if people take responsibility for what’s going to happen next.

Everyone needs to stay home – with the exception of essential journeys. It’s time to take what will hopefully be one last stand against Covid-19. It’s time to once again put the welfare of others first.

Yesterday I met a lady out walking with her elderly mother. She said some very poignant words which really hit home as we departed: ‘there are better times coming for us; but others will not be so lucky.’ Think about those words; do you have an elderly relative who might not see better times; do you have a vulnerable person in your life who might not see better times? If we all do the right thing and help suppress the virus, maybe these people too will see better times. Let’s keep our elderly and our vulnerable alive.

It’s simple: stay home, wear the mask, wash your hands and maintain social distance.

Please look out for each other. Help keep our village and it’s people safe, healthy and well. Let’s work together and ensure our village lives.