There is no mention anywhere, even in his biography, of Bon Scott being in the Warrington pub in Maida Vale the night before he died – and getting a bottle of whisky after closing time.

Eileen Dahill (nee Linderholm) was working on that fateful night of February 15th in 1980. She was with a group of students from Minnesota who were studying there for a year. She got a job working in the Warrington pub for spending money.

Bon Scott

Bon Scott was drinking there on that fateful night with the other members of AC/DC.

Eileen accuses the pub owners of being responsible for his death. She accused them of selling him the bottle of whisky that killed him after licensing hours were over She said:-

“Bon Scott was able to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels from the Warrington. This was so unusual but I knew that AC/DC and the members of YES could get away with purchasing something that was not off-sale.

“I don’t think the Warrington had anything off-sale or a license. I don’t think I was working that long into February but do have this knowledge. I know this. I believe he was found dead on Sutherland Avenue near our college house?

“This makes simple sense. Drinking at the Warrington, purchasing a bottle of Jack Daniels, nipping away at it and falling asleep in the car/hypothermia sets in.”

New Light

This spreads a new light on Bon Scott’s death. The band had clammed up and there are nor reports even in his biography that he was ever near the Warrington that night.

Eileen has come forward to put the record straight and has put paid to the idea that he was not in the Warrington that night and will swear that he was in there that night and given the bottle of Jack Daniels that killed him illegally and after hours.