Lockdown was not just in Muff, but worldwide. Everyone had to ‘stay home’ for the past few months because of the pandemic that is Covid-19, and it’s only very recent that we have all begun to ‘venture out.’ And it’s just these past few days that our village has begun to fully come alive again with most businesses beginning to open.

One such business which opened it’s doors again on Monday is The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant. The infamous dining spot is already welcoming famous faces. And with staycations very much to the fore this summer, what better face to welcome than a travel writer.

And that’s exactly who visited and dined right here in Muff this Thursday evening. None other that English Travel Writer and Broadcaster Simon Calder. Senior travel editor with The Independent newspaper he enjoyed a rather fine meal in our local restaurant this evening.

Here’s hoping he will be putting our wee village and it’s fine dining venue very firmly on the world map for a very worthy staycation this summer and in the future.