Well known local lady Marie Lindsay earlier today announced her retirement. Having joined the staff at St. Mary’s school in Derry teaching Science in 1985, she later was to become Principal in 2006. A role she became hugely admired for as a result of her dedication and passion for education.

To us here in Muff she is our Marie. She always has been and will continue to be a huge part of our community. But Marie was very much at the heart of the community of the Derry school and the St. Mary’s girls. To say she was a leader would be an understatement. A role model, an innovator, an inspirator, an outstanding leader – all understatements.

Marie Lindsay showcased everything that teaching and education is about. She supported her students and staff in an innovative way and she led with passion and dedication. You didn’t have to be one of Marie’s students to be captivated by her enthusiasm for education and learning. She continually went above and beyond all to support her students and indeed her staff. She is an inspiration in every possible way.

To be in her presence is a learning experience in itself. To hear her talk is enlightening. As an educator and leader she has left a long lasting legacy which others will continue to benefit from.

But here in Muff we are fortunate to have her continue living here and being an active member of our community and parish. We won’t let her retire from us!! Having welcomed two sets of twins grandchildren recently she is going to be busier than ever. There are four little people who are going to be exceptionally privileged in having this lady as ‘Granny’. Four little people who have already stolen Granny’s heart.

Having dedicated her entire working life to educating others and motivating young people, it is now time to give to herself (and those precious grandchildren). Noone deserves some ‘me time’ as much as this lady surely does.

Huge congratulations on a truly amazing career Marie and a very deserved retirement. Here’s to Collie making breakfast in bed each morning and pouring a wine each night. May your retirement be filled with family and fun, relaxation and lots of time for you.

One retirement quote says: ‘Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you always have been.’ Marie Lindsay has always been that young person and will no doubt continue being such.

Happy retirement Marie and enjoy every minute.