Moville Pubs closing

It was a desperately quiet night in Moville’s pubs on Saturday night on what should be a busy night.

It looks as if Movillians have already hunkered down for a long drawn out war with the coronavirus.

I’m told that the bars in Temple Bar in Dublin are shut too.

People ahead of the Government

It’s amazing how many times the people and the businesses are ahead of the Government.

Closing all the pubs and restaurants can’t be too far away.

It’s already happened in Italy, Spain and France.

Rosatos is still open but it will close tomorrow.

It was probably the busiest of the pubs last night but that was still way down on normal.

One Last Night Out

I think I’ll go down there tonight for one last night out – and then it’s the abyss.

I wouldn’t expect the pubs and restaurants to be open for a very long time. My guess would be 4 months rather than the few weeks that the Government is talking about.

The lights are going out allover Europe.

It’s going to be a very dull time.