Every community has a wise man. And here in Muff, we are no different. Fr John Farren, PP of our Parish, is ours. This morning as he said mass to the world via the World Wide Web, from St. Patrick’s Church, Iskaheen, he showcased that wisdom to all.

Our village, our community, our Parish are all in a state of ‘the unknown’ and we need as much guidance as possible over the coming days and weeks. COVID-19/Coronavirus is here and it’s very real.

Today during his virtual mass, Fr. Farren has said, “It’s all about co-operating. Co-operate with ourselves, with each other, with the guidelines and with the government. And co-operate with Gods will.” He continued, “This is a time of partnership. We must work with each other and our community.”

It’s the vulnerable that we are all trying to protect in doing what we’re told. Many of us might get the virus and be totally fine. But there is a vulnerable group out there, and Fr. Farren said that even he himself is part of that vulnerable group. As a Parish, and as a community we depend on our Parish Priest so much. He’s there for all of us at every turn. So not it’s our turn to be there for him, and others. It’s our turn to do what we’re being told. To abide by ALL the rules and guidelines and help quash the spread of this virus.

Fr. Farren also asked that we remember those living alone at this time. If we’re unable to visit them, to make a telephone call to them. It’s of utmost importance that we do just this.

Fr. Farren finsihed this morning saying: “Let’s work together to keep this virus at bay.”

Someone once said, “The man who walks with wise men becomes wise himself.” Time for us all to learn from the wisdom of our wise man, and become so ourselves. Be wise folks, and pay attention.

So let’s do just that. Work together. Do what we’re told. Co-operate. Be a partnership with each other in all respects of COVID-19.

Stay safe everyone and stay well.