Moville St. Patrick’s Day Parade

It was announced on Monday that Moville’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be cancelled. This is because of the threat of the coronavirus. It also comes after St. Patrick’s Day Parades have been cancelled in Dublin and Cork.

Locally, they have also been cancelled in Letterkenny and Buncrana.

In Northern Ireland, the Belfast St. Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled but, as I write, the Derry one is still on. Many people from Moville go up for that one.

Moville’s 30th Anniversaty Parade

This would have been Moville’s 30th anniversary Parade and there were to be major celebrations for it. If the Derry Parade does go on, and there is still plenty of time to cancel it, it will get extra crowds from Moville, Buncrana, Letterkenny and Belfast where the parades have been cancelled.

It is not known yet if the events surrounding the parade like the extra music in the pubs will continue as before. It is also not known whether people will still com out to celebrate St Patrick’s day if the parade is cancelled. If we get any news I’ll let you know.