Whilst out last night I met a number of local folk who were socialising with like-minded volunteers from our local youth club here in the village.

It got me thinking about how we often overlook the people in the village who give up their time to ensure our young people have this outlay on a weekly basis that is the youth club.

Providing a space and mentorship for children and teenagers, the leaders involved all do the work voluntarily. They ensure our children have a social space where they can play, mingle and create, in a safe and protected environment.

They also provide a week long summer camp each summer where the children involved can partake in an affordable week of multi-activities.

So, as the new year with the local youth club prepares to go once again, it’s a huge thanks from all the community to those leaders who continue to give their time and energy to provide this weekly space for the kids and teens in the area. Here’s wishing you all a fun-filled year ahead.