Can you believe it’s only been one year since The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant first opened it’s doors here in Muff? It now seeems like it’s been here forever.

Just one year ago, The now infamous Treehouse Bar & Restaurant did indeed come into being. Serving fine food, great cocktails, providing great music and allowing for a beautiful venue for various celebrations, it is now very much at the heart of the village and wider area.

Tourists no longer need to drive through Muff when wanting dinner; visitors to the village no longer need venture to Derry for a vast cocktail menu; family gatherings no longer need to leave the village in order to find suitable surroundings to have a celebration. The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant is right here.

It’s only been one year and yet it’s already gone global. Just this week the establishment showcased it’s feature in the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine Cara. It has welcomed many famous faces inside, and it even had a number of guests arrive earlier this summer by helicopter. BBC Radio 1 have visited and broadcast from there…..but above all the celebrity attention, The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant welcomes ourselves, the local community on a daily/weekly basis.

With it’s wonderful welcome with words from W.B. Yeats, this place really is the place to meet and have fun. As Yeats himself once said, ‘There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met’, The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant has allowed many strangers to become friends in the past year. And many more will follow.

So, as the first birthday arrives, here’s wishing The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant a very very happy one.