An act that was a huge success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last August will be playing in the Corner Bar in Moville during the DylanFest in Moville.

They were booked for a week at the Fringe but news traveled fast and they sold out completely on the final night at the Space Triplex Venue.

Moville is only getting the opportunity to see it as one of the duo will be over from London for a wedding in Rathmullan. The other lives in Antrim and so the two will be reunited for one gig only – at the Corner Bar on the Sunday (Aug 25th) of the DylanFest.

Brothers Broke Venues

As well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival they have played other major festivals like the Moville Valley Arts Festival and the MoonFest in Surrey.

Other venues they have played include the luxurious Chateau de Lartigolle in Toulouse in France and The Bushmills Inn and The Bayview Hotel in Northern Ireland.

Grew Up With the Beatles

Twin brothers Hugh and Tom Adams were nurtured on The Beatles thanks to two older brothers and a sister who acquired all The Beatles’ UK albums. 

Originating from Carrickfergus, both brothers formed a young band called “Blue Monday” during the 70s, playing at clubs and hotels around Co Antrim.

Leaving for London in the early ’80s, the brothers played in clubs and pubs around London and Surrey.

Became Dylan Fan

It was at a small party in London’s Ladbroke Grove when a friend put “Highway 61 Revisited” on the turntable, that Hugh became instantly hooked on Dylan and his lyrics. Dylan songs soon became established in the repertoire and the band name was changed to “Homesick Blues”.

With Hugh having moved to France from London, they established a strong network of French gig venues from Lille to Toulouse, changing their band name to “Brothers Broke”. 

Hugh returned to Northern Ireland and now lives on the north coast of Co. Antrim, while Tom is firmly based in Surrey. As a consequence, selected gigs are usually arranged well in advance between Ireland, England, France and Scotland.

With tight harmonies and a mellow, acoustic delivery, Brothers Broke play as a duo (guitar, bass, harmonica), trio (+keyboards) or quartet (+drums), depending on venues and desired ambiance.

Bluesy Interpretation of Dylan and The Beatles.

“When Judas met John” by Brothers Broke is A Bluesy interpretation of songs by Bob Dylan and The Beatles .

It presents a musical journey alternating between Bob Dylan and The Beatles, in particular John Lennon.

Irish duo Brothers Broke adapt and perform a bluesy fusion of songs by both artists. This casual and engaging set features the like-minded lyrics of both artists, covering themes of love & jealousy; social attitudes; creativity; and revolution of the mind. 

Interpretation of Beatles / Dylan Tracks

Featuring Tom Adams on guitar/vocals, and twin brother Hugh on bass/harmonica/vocals, the duo offer their unique interpretation of Dylan and Beatles tracks. 

The Brothers’ chilled  down version of “Back in the USSR” contrasts with upbeat interpretations of Dylan’s “Everything is Broken” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, with strong harmonies reinforcing Dylan’s powerful comment on broken society and social unrest at the time.

A bluesed up version of Lennon’s “You Can’t Do That” provides an intuitive insight to the original, and the distinctive string bends and tight harmonies on “Yer Blues” illustrate how unassuming modern acoustic blues can deliver a distinctive and tidy performance. 

Some Covers Like Originals

But it’s not all just about The Blues – some covers reverentially echo the original versions, ensuring the likes of Dylan’s unique harmonica style is not lost in “Like a Rolling Stone”, (vainly voted the Best Rock Song Ever by Rolling Stone magazine), while the harmonies in The Beatle’s “Two of Us” parallel the “Let it Be” album version.

Information About the Songs

A short dialogue introduces most songs, explaining influences and origins, (e..; Jack Kerouac’s influence on Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”; and Chuck Berry’s influence on Lennon’s “Come Together”).

The set is charismatic in its offering of subtle ‘sibling’ harmonies supported by acoustic blues guitar and harmonica, adding musical personality and character by way of interpretation of the songs. It is obviously geared towards music lovers of The Beatles and Dylan who may appreciate a casual acoustic blues style to the musical interpretations.

Won’t Sell Out Moville

The Brothers Broke may have sold out the Space Triplex at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh – but they won’t sell out in Moville?


That’s because the Corner Bar are paying the whole fee themselves and making it free to get in. It’s not to be missed. There will be a good crowd to see them.

And the Brothers Broke are being fairly reasonable as hey wanted to come to Moville’s DylanFest to see Al Diesan – who starts at 9:30pm in Rosatos.

It’s on from 8pm to 10pm in the Corner Bar on August 25th.