By Enda Craig

Carrickarory Pier Protest

A protest was called at short notice by the CFCE to assemble at Carrickarory Pier in Moville to register our concerns over the proposal by Irish Water to continue  with their proposal to discharge sewage effluent into Lough Foyle at Carnagarve adjacant to the bathing beaches and shore walk. 
Serious Threat to Moville and Greencastle

The fact that this proposal is a serious threat to Moville and Greencastle’s most valuable asset cuts no ice as they plough on regardless.

Unanimous decisions by all County and Inishowen Clr’s to locate Plant and Pipe north of Greencastle has fallen on deaf ears as Irish Water behave as if they are a law unto themselves as they bulldoze on.
Raw Sewage Hugging the Coastline

The fact that the CFCE discovered a hidden map ( produced by Donegal County Cl ) showing raw sewage hugging the coastline from Redcastle to Kinnago Bay in the event of an emergency discharge is being ignored. 

This is an environmental disaster in the making and needs to be stopped beforev it is too late 

Additionally, a local fisherman Mr Liam O’Brien addressed the group and outlined his many concerns.