It really is that time of year again when the village festival returns. This year it’s set to make it’s 39th return. So, of course that means it’s a really really big one to get set for next year. But in the meantime, it’s all about this year. And this year our village festival runs from 1st – 5th August.

The bank holiday weekend in August is set to see the village come alive with fun and frolics once more. So much preparation and planning goes into this weekend, that it really is up to us, the villagers, to come out and support the events that are taking place. And this year, there are events like never before. Yes, it’s a little shake-up of Muff Festival and of course, change is good.

The build-up is already underway with the Mayoral Campaign. Two local residents, Majella McConnellouge and Cathal Doherty are already in the planning of fund-raising events. Watch this space for further details of such.

Just last week we got a little insight into what is happening on the Friday night of the festival. And it’s looking a little different. As in other years the night will open with the Festival Parade. This is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their business and have some fun in the process – and it’s FREE. So go get that float ready and let the committee know you are entering. It’s a great opportunity for free advertising and also to splash the village with some colour for the evening. Let’s paint the village on that Friday evening with lots of fun, colour and frolics in the parade.

Following the parade there’s a new event. A family outdoor concert at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant. This will be family-friendly, have a bouncy castle and of course it’s FREE. So bring the kids along after the parade and enjoy some fun, music and family time at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant.

Then from 10pm the craic will be had at The Squealing Pig lounge. And where else would you get it – The King Of Muff will kickoff then. Yes, you read it right, The King Of Muff! So, the days of the lovely Muff Ladies being in the limelight have come to pass, it’s time to move over and let the men have their chance; time for the men to don that crown and boast the title to beat all others – The King Of Muff. Who dares enter? Who dares win? Who dares go for glory and help build up our ever growing presence on the world map. The King Of Muff will no doubt be in big demand.. are you up to the role? Time to find out just who the village men are, or are they all just boys underneath?

The Muff Mayoral results will also be announced in The Squealing Pig on Friday night, and then the up-and-coming music star, Gary Fitzpatrick will entertain until the wee hours.

And that folks, is just the Friday night…….we have a whole weekend of festivities. Lot’s more detail can be found over the coming weeks at Muff Festival facebook page.

Check out the brand new look Photography competition too. It’s set to be a winner for some local happy snapper.

The 39th annual Muff Festival is set to be a great one. But only if the villagers come out and supports it. Mark it in the dairies now. Keep that weekend free. Have the sun-cream at the ready. Have the waterproofs at the ready. It’s a festival. We’re a village. We can deal with weather and all that comes along. So be festival ready for early August this year, and be Muff Festival ready.