If you haven’t heard the noise overhead this Friday lunchtime, then you’re certainly not in Muff today. Sat having lunch at The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant, it was rather a delightful sight as 5 helicopters flew in with Rally crew for lunch. They couldn’t have picked a better spot or a finer day to do such.

Muff may well be a little village in the heart of Inishowen but it’s got rather a large attraction now with The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant. And Donegal Rally folk know where to go for their fuel on a Friday lunchtime – no, not that fuel; Maxol doesn’t cater for choppers, but good food fuel!!! If they get service as we did, they might not want to leave.

Passersby, dining folk, neighbours and tourists alike, all stopped what they were doing and came along as one by one, five helicopters flew into the field next to the Treehouse.

Since opening last September one of the great attractions of the Treehouse is it’s ample car and bus parking facilities. We hadn’t known there was ample helicopter parking too. But now we do.

I have requested that this service be extended to Saturday night taxiing, so fingers crossed, it may be more than a bus taking us all home one of these weeks. New taxi? Who knows. There’s parking available if you got the chopper!!

Muff is alive and kicking, or rather alive and chopping this sunny Friday.