Corner Bar

There’s a bit of a treat tonight in the Corner Bar.

One of the High Class Hobos, who have taken the town by storm over the past couple of years, is playing in the Corner Bar tonight.

Indeed, it could be called the Conor Bar tonight as it is Conor Gillespie who is playing.

High Class Hobos

It seems you can’t call them the High Class Hobos unless all three of them are playing.

Conor and Kevin McDaid often play Rosatos as a duo.

Perhaps they could just be called High Class as a duo.

When playing solo I don’t know which one of them would be High, which one Class and which one Hobo.

But anyway, it’s a rare treat on a Sunday night in Moville.

He starts at between 9pm and 9:30pm and he says he will be able to play a few more Beatles songs than normal tonight.

It should be well worth going to see.