Government Dumping Asylum Seekers

According to an ex-Asylum Seeker speaker from Georgia at today’s meeting in the Methodist Hall, the Government are engaged in getting rid of Asylum Seekers from Dublin and dumping them in far flung parts of the country.

This does not suit Asylum Seekers one bit as they have to travel to Dublin pretty regularly for interviews and form filling.

According the the speaker, who has gone through the system himself, there used to be 57 Direct Provision Centres in Dublin.

Now there are three.

As Dublin has more than half of Ireland’s population they should take at least half of Asylum Seekers.

The way the Government are ethnically cleansing them from Dublin is very clever.

Instead of just dumping them out of Dublin to far flung areas of the country and taking the rap for that, they do it very cleverly.

Competitive Tender

They put it out to competitive tender.

Those hotels who cost least will win the tenders.

Now, you know where most of those hotels will be.

They won’t be in Dublin where hotels are expensive.

They will be in far flung places like Moville where hotels are much cheaper.

Ethic Cleansing

The Government are effectively using Direct Provision and Competitive Tendering to ethnically cleanse Dublin of firstly its Asylum Seeking centres (from 57 centres to 3) and then its Asylum Seekers.

Very clever isn’t it – and who could object to competitive tendering?