Asylum Seekers Agency

The boss of the agency which is placing the 100 Asylum Seekers in Moville say that they can give no extra health, education or garda resources to Moville.

Eugene Banks the head of the RIA said that this was noting to do with them.

If schools, hospitals or the garda wanted extra resources they would have to apply as normal to the different authorities and ministries.

No Coordination to Provide Extra Resources to Moville

As Charlie McConnalogue and Padraic MacLochlainn pointed out there was a lack of coordination amongst the authorities when it came to asking for extra resources.

When one of the audience asked Eugene Banks if there was going to be any extra garda resources, Eugene replied that he didn’t think that extra resources would be necessary as he didn’t believe that the Asylum Seekers would be n danger of attack from Moville people.

No Attempt to Hide Decision

Eugene kept stressing that there had been no attempt to hide the fact from Moville people, local politicians, local schools, health authorities etc. that the Asylum Seekers were coming.

However, there is a world of a difference between not hiding it and not telling those that need to know, like the local schools and health providers.

After all, with the first 20 or so Asylum Seekers coming in early December there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of the schools and health authorities getting any extra resources by then.

Asylum Seekers Will Get the Blame

What will happen is that class sizes will be bigger, local people will experience more difficulty in getting doctors’ appointments and the queues for hospital treatment will grow longer.

And do you know who will get the blame?

Yes, it will be the Asylum Seekers.

Fault of Government and Agency

It is really the Government’s fault and the fault of an agency who deliberately tried to keep it a secret for as long as they could – despite what Eugene Banks says.

This subterfuge and pulling the wool over the eyes of local people and local representatives is counterproductive.

If there are no extra resources, then, as I said above, the Asylum Seekers will wrongly get the blame.

And three miles away n Greencastle, Peter Casey must be licking his lips.