Asylum Seekers Meeting

Tonight, at Glencrow Hall, just across the road from the Presbyterian Church, a major public meeting will take place to address the Asylum Seekers subject.

Instead of working with the local community beforehand to work out how the Asylum Seekers could be integrated into the community, e.g. with schools, the local surgery, Letterkenny Hospital etc. this was sprung on the people of Moville just a few weeks before the Asylum Seekers are due to arrive.

Even local Councillor Martin Farren didn’t know.

Reception and Integration Agency

However, tonight they will be at Glencrow to explain to local people why so many Asylum Seekers (100) are going to be added to a town the size of Moville with a population of just under 1,500 at the last census.

The meeting will take place at 7pm in Glencrow Hall.

It will be attended by three officials from the Reception and Integration Agency who are responsible for putting 100 Asylum Seekers into the Caiseal Mara hotel in Moville.

Included in this is the boss of the RIA (careful if you are dyslexic), Eugene Banks.

Local people will want to know what extra resources will be put into the town to integrate the Asylum Seekers.

Asylum Seekers Will Get the Blame

Because if no extra resources are put into local schools or local doctors and the local hospital, the Asylum Seekers will clog up the system – and get the blame for what is really the Government’s fault.

It promises to be a raucous meeting.

Peter Casey, will be watching this with much interest.