He might be known as ‘Skinny’ but he just isn’t skinny enough to hide behind the big 30! Sorry Edward, but not even you are that ‘skinny’.  The big 30 is not going to hide you this time!!

Skinny of course is non other than Edward from Tank & Skinny’s. Edward and his twin brother Philip have indeed hit that 30 mark. Philip has of course been seen behind that coffee counter too. Currently based in London, he’s also not escaping the big birthday.

So as the twins are now half way to 60 (yes boys, that’s the reality of turning 30!!), I think it’s quite important that a very very Happy birthday wish is sent their way this weekend. Rumour has it the birthday bash might be taking place then. 

I happened to come upon these photos (no idea where I stumbled upon them), but don’t they both look angelic in one of them? Looks can be deceiving as we all know!!! And what about that dog food? Are those cookies we regularly eat really cookies????

So guys, here’s wishing you both a fun-filled weekend of celebrating. And here’s hoping there’s lots more than just coffee being served.

I’m sure the coffee might be very welcomed the morning after that celebrating. I know a good coffee shop you could visit!! Just saying!!

Have a great weekend guys, and here’s to the next 30.