A Meal at McGrory’s in Culdaff

I’ve eaten in McGrory’s several times but not for a few years.

It was mainly popping in on the way back from somewhere and getting some bar food at lunchtime.

However, I set off with a dining companion to try out what it is like in the evening.

The first thing I must say is that McGrory’s is a great location and venue.

If it was in Moville I would go there of a night a lot more.

It has some great music both in the back room and in the main pub area.

Chicken Supreme

But what was it like to eat there – especially in he evening?

I ordered the Chicken Supreme with the vegetable soup as a starter.

My companion is a vegetarian.

I can’t remember what starter she had but she had the Vegetarian Ravioli with spinach and other green vegetables in it for e main course.

How the Meal Was

The vegetable soup was excellent.

It was pureed and tasted very creamy.

The Chicken Supreme was, as it claims for itself, supreme.

I tried my best to finish it all.

However, I had had some Guinness Bread with the soup and, although delicious, it had taken up space in my stomach.

Best Meal In The Area

My dining companion, declared that it was the best meal she had had on her visit to these shores.

Indeed, when I asked her if she had finished (there was still a small portion left), she said that, although she was full up, she was going to have a rest and then finish it.

When it came to the desserts, I am afraid that I am not able to advise you.

Both of us were full up and couldn’t try any.

When I told people in Moville I had been there, some of them said that they never think of going there for an evening meal – even some who go out to eat regularly at multiple restaurants.

Perhaps more of them should.

I must say that both myself and my companion enjoyed it thoroughly.