Debenhams in Derry

Debenhams, the UK clothing and jewellery store has announced a whopping £500m loss for the past year.

That’s an astonishing half a billion.

No business can continue like that without drastic changes.

They had previously announced that they would close 10 stores.

Now they say that they will close 5o stores altogether over the next 5 years.

The one in Derry must be a prime candidate.

Moville Shoppers

Many Moville people buy their clothes there, myself included.

It doesn’t look like the surge in the economy recently has done Debenhams any good.

Perhaps the economy ha been too slow to recover with the looming threat of Brexit.

Cut Price Stores Like Primark

Maybe people are still buying at the cut-price stores like Primark.

If the economic recovery accelerates, then Debenhams will be lifted with it.

However, if it doesn’t then Derry’s Debenhams may close.

They may close anyway.