We all know and love Tank and Skinny’s here in the village. Perhaps some of us more than others – naming no one of course (least of all myself).

I’m sure I’m with everyone in the village in wishing the new Tank & Skinny’s Seaside in Buncrana the very very best of luck. I don’t doubt it will be every bit as popular as the Muff venue is.

Set in the picturesque location at Buncrana pier and looking out onto the water, it really is the idyllic spot for coffee and more. So if you’re in the vicinity or driving by, do be sure to pop along and try this fabulous new coffee and dining venue in Buncrana town.

From all in Muff, here’s wishing the Doherty brothers continued success with this most recent venture. Now where shall I coffee next? I guess there’s really only one answer to that….T & S it is 🙂