Too Much Sun

Anyone who has seen me in recent months will have noticed a problem with my eyes.

The skin below both eyes has fallen down.

So, I went to see a specialist in St Conal’s Hospital in Letterkenny.

She had come up the country from somewhere, maybe Sligo.

She was of Indian origin.

Lack of Collagen

She looked into my eyes.

“It’s a lack of collagen” she said.

“Are you getting too much sun?” she asked.

“No” I replied.

“Are you sure” she said.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure about that” I  countered.

“Do you do an outside job?” she asked.

Even if I did do an outside job in Moville I still wouldn’t be suffering from too much sun, I thought.

“No I don’t” I replied.

Operation Needed

“Well you’ll need an operation. They never come back up on their own. It will be a local anaesthetic and it will be in Sligo. My secretary will be in touch to book it.”

“That’s all now” she said – which I interpreted as ‘time for you to go’.

It must be quite a few years since someone in Moville had an affliction caused by too much sun.

Perhaps low collagen levels due to too much exposure to the sun is commonplace in India.

However, I wouldn’t say it is very common in Moville – certainly not in recent years.