At the time of her passing I remember  someone saying, “She’s irreplaceable”. Truer words could not have been spoken back in December 2016. That was the month that our wee village really did lose it’s heart and soul. Something that can never be replaced.

Earlier today it was so lovely to watch as the McKenna family unveiled the newly erected bench in the village, just adjacent to Mrs McKenna’s house, in her memory. Family and friends of the late Mrs McKenna thought it would be an apt way to remember the amazing lady that she was. And that it most certainly is.

Mura McLoughlin hosted the ceremony earlier today with Fr. Farren saying a prayer and paying tribute to Mrs McKenna. Jack Murray  spoke fondly and lovingly of our much missed Mrs McKenna. A host of locals sang and spoke of their memories of Mrs McKenna. It really was a little celebration of the life of our Mrs McKenna. The sun shone brightly and she was certainly there in our midst.

I think everyone in the village has memories to treasure of the lady herself. I have many but I will always treasure the days I spent sitting at her table making a hall reservation or talking about some event or other that was coming up. I loved that table as it reminded me of my own. It was her ‘office space’, just as my table is my ‘office space’ daily. We often laughed at how we both had ‘paperwork chaos’ in our kitchens but we also both knew exactly where everything was at.

The legacy she left as a dedicated member of our community will always be fondly remembered. And it’s a legacy that certainly is irreplaceable. No-one will ever fill those shoes. She worked tirelessly for the community and continued to do so right up until her death last year. Work which helped to make our village and our community the one that it is today: a tight-knit, close community of people. Everyone in the village is, and will always be, eternally grateful for everything Mrs McKenna did for our community. Her generosity was endless to that community work. 

Mrs McKenna will be forever missed in our village. Her big heart, her bigger smile and her elegance and class will always be remembered. She was a little lady, but oh, she was so very great. With this beautiful bench in place we will be forever reminded of her and a little piece of her will remain with us here in Muff.

The ‘Heart and Soul of Muff’ she most certainly was.