Here in Muff we are not going to forget the dreadful night last August of The Floods. People are still out of their homes as a result of those Floods.

A few weeks after The Floods a young girl from Muff, Susie Peoples, aged just 8, penned a poem about the experience. She did this as part of an application for The Late Late Toy Show with local children’s Reading and Writing group,The WRITE STUFF Kids Club

Susie has been part of this club for over two years now and is a very talented young writer. Her creativity and writing ability is way beyond her years. This is most notable in her flair for writing poetry. The poem was part of a larger application which the club made to the Toy Show. A producer on the show rang myself a few weeks ago and asked for another copy of Susie reading the poem be forwarded. This was indeed done, but sadly there has been no luck with going further with the application. Hence, we refrained from showing the poem publicly until now.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that this deserves to be read far and wide. This young 8 year old has captured the feelings of the night and the community spirit in the aftermath. It’s so very touching from start to finish.

The Floods, by Susie Peoples, aged 8.

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter,
Goes the rain outside.
Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter,
I’m glad that I’m inside.

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter,
The rain makes a puddle.
Now the lights have gone out,
I am in a muddle.

The lightening lights the sky all round,
The thunder roars,
And the rain still comes down.
I jumped with fright when the thunder boomed,
But we’re high on a hill, so we’re still not doomed.

Now in the morning, the rain is gone.
We see the damage in the light of dawn.
Trees and bridges washed away,
For so many people, it’s such a sad day.

Lots of people helped that day,
Giving a hand in every way.
They have helped to sort it out.
That’s what this poem is all about.

I love this poem as this young lady has captured the experience she herself had that night. And then she captures the community that we live in, in the aftermath. A community of togetherness. A community that this 8 year old is clearly proud of.