New Celtic Song

This is the 3rd year of Bobby Does Dylan playing at the DylanFest.

The crowds are rising all the time at his gigs.

He plays all the Dylan favourites.

Indeed he has met Bob Dylan himself after Dylan saw a YouTube video of Bobby playing Like  Rolling Stone.

Bobby gets people up and dancing around at Dylan songs.

Special Treat for Moville

He’s got a special treat for Moville this year.

He has composed a new Celtic song which he is going to premiere tonight at the DylanFest.

The Celtic Board, the manager Brendan Rogers and  the Lisbon Lions all love the song which he composed along with his band The Promise to mark the 50th anniversary of Celtic winning the European Cup.

Celtic Park Performance

Indeed Celtic wanted him to play it in front of 65,000 fans today at Celtic Park at half time.

However, he told that he couldn’t as he is doing the DylanFest in Moville.

His Celtic Park performance, and the premiere of the song will now take place on September 16th.

However, Moville fans are going to be the first to hear it tonight in a sneak premiere of the song.

Bobby will also be handing out free copies of the lyrics, signed by himself.

It’s an opportunity for Movillians and DylanFest visitors to hear it first.

And the music will be great too.