The WRITE STUFF Kids Club is now in its second week of Summer Camps for 2017. This group serves to encourage children to read and write and express themselves in language and words. At all times children are encouraged to use their imagination and believe in themselves. Throughout the summer camps each day has been themed and today was about ’emotions’. The day allowed children to think about their feelings and emotions and allowed them to talk, discuss and write about different experiences they have had and putting their characters (which they’ve created over the course of the week) into stories where they experience certain emotions.

As facilitator of the camp I asked them to focus a good part of today of feelings of sadness and to write stories about times of sadness and how it is dealt with. Whilst the children were composing such stories I passed around a sheet of card with the words, ‘It’s OK to be Sad’ in the center. The children were then asked to write something around this. What resulted really is a work of ‘Word Art’. 

As adults we can all learn so much from this simple piece. Children really are OUR teachers. We sometimes forget how intuitive they really are and how wise they really are. The words on this sheet are inspirational for all ages and I really believe this sheet of writing can help so many.

Just have a read and see for yourself.

Words really do empower people. Children really do empower. I think this piece of ART deserves much recognition. There’s absolutely NO prompting or teaching involved in this simple piece of work. But this piece of work can teach so much. These kids in our local village will go far. Reading and writing will take them far. And I for one, look forward to travelling with these kids.