Known as the friendly face behind the deli counter at Spar Muff, this young lady has been described as ‘the greatest wrap maker’, but just who is this Niamh McColgan? The youngest of the Ardmore McColgan girls, she was born and raised in Muff. Graduating in recent years from Ulster University with a Degree in Criminology and Forensic Science, she might suss out any suspicious characters in the area, should she wear the much sought after chain! She is always working hard locally to fund the important ‘social life’ and anyone who is friends with her on SnapChat (or so I’m told!) will see how active a one that is – one can also guess the expense.

Working in Spar deli keeps her busy, but if that isn’t enough she also moonlights as a barmaid in The Carmans and previously the Rock Bar. Outside of working and education she is also extremely active in the local sports club being one of the senior lady players for Quigley’s Point Swifts and a few years ago she took on a position as under 16’s manager on completion of the Kick Start certificate to try to encourage the youths development.

She loves being part of the community which is evident in everything she puts herself forward for. This is the basis of her chosen charities having seen the battles that neighbours and friends have gone through (Aoibheann’s Pink Tie and The Donegal Cancer Bus).

Niamh has run a number of events recently for her Mayoral Campaign and has more still to come. These can be found at Niamh’s campaign facebook page,