Caiseal Mara Opening

The Caiseal Mara Hotel in Moville is going to start its Summer Season early and open full-time from this weekend.

They had only been opening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday over the winter – their winter hours.

It seems that things are going well down there and bookings are well up on last year.

They had a couple of busloads of French people there recently.

Heart of Moville

It’s great news for Moville that the Caiseal Mara has all those bookings.

The hotel is the beating heart of Moville.

When it does well, Moville does well.

Its guests go out and shop, and eat and drink and listen to music in the town.

So, the other businesses in the town will be delighted to hear the good news about its bookings.

Moville on the Rise

It looks like things are finally turning the corner in Moville.

Businesses are opening rather than closing now.

By the way, if you want to book for the BeatlesFest or DylanFest in the Caiseal Mara, I wouldn’t leave it too long.

The BeatlesFest is from August 3rd to 7th and the DylanFest is from August 24th to 28th.

To book, click on Caiseal Mara Bookings