Fly in Our House

Normally I’m not that pleased to have a fly in the house.

The less the merrier I always believe.

However, I saw one in our house just yesterday.

It was on the window in the kitchen – and my heart rose.

I hadn’t seen one for a while.

Warmer Weather

It must be the mild weather that brought it out.

However, it was a sign that better days are ahead.

It was a pointer to what lay ahead.

After all, if the flies were coming out, spring and summer can’t bo too far away.

And they aren’t!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

It’s now less than three weeks to St Patrick’s Day.

The parade organisers must be getting ready for it.

It is the first sign of spring every year in Moville – and it is only 19 days away.

So, I didn’t kill the fly!

It made me think of warmer and better days ahead, of festivals and sunny days and boats on the water and walks along the shore.

So, fly, you are welcome to stay, at least for a while – but don’t bring any of your friends.