Remembering Bobby Vee Eileen Dahill/N. America

The Singer, Bobby Vee is being laid to rest near his home in St. Joesph, MN. He was a true rockabilly from North Dakota who sprang to fame after the ill fated airplane crash that killed the Big Bopper, Richie Valens, and Buddy Holly forced him to the stage.

His songs were already part of the ‘Golden Oldies’ radio staion channels growin up as pop channels made air time for the British Invasion. But I remember driving in the car and listening to Rubberball, Take Good Care of my Baby, or Devil or Angel. Bob Dylan sang one of Bobby Vee’s hits – Susie Baby – at a Minnesota Concert in 2013 when he found out that Bobby Vee was in the crowd. Dylan was in a band with Bobby Vee and called himself Elston Gunnn. Yep, with three ‘N’s.

I met Bobby Vee’s son on holiday. He played drums for his dad when he still toured Britain. He was interested in a borhan I was holding and gave it a few quick licks. I found out later that his sister’s wedding reception was in the area.

Like my mom, Bobby Vee was diagnosed with memory loss in 2011. A public service is at the Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota.