Daddy Long Legs

They are everywhere in Moville at the moment.

If you open the door a couple of them fly in.

They’re buzzing the windows trying to get in and they are flying about inside the house when they do get in.

It seems that the weather conditions that we have been having recently are just right for them to breed.

Humans would almost certainly disagree with them after the summer we’ve just had once again.

Blue Dragonflies

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly

It reminds of when I lived in America.

Every year, just for one day, the blue dragonflies would fill the air. They were everywhere.

A while later it was time for the red dragonflies who were all over the skies.

It seems that they lived just for that one day.

They had a lot of company for their only day alive.

Greater Longevity

These Daddy Long Legs seem to have more longevity than that.

They’ve been plaguing us for about a week.

There’s a couple on the windowsill as I speak and more outside trying to get in.

Ah well!

It’s better than wintertime when they and all the other insects will be gone.