Opening Night

It’s here. It’s opening night for DylanFest 2016.

The indications are very good.

The sun is out, the forecast is good for the weekend, and there’s a buzz both about the town and on Facebook.

Al Diesan is here, Bobby Does Dylan is here, Mickey the Hat is here – as is Tara Boehm who has come all the way from Philadelphia for the 2nd year in a row.

Meeting Old Friends and Making New Ones

I must say I really like opening night.

It’s an opportunity to meet old friends and fellow Dylan fans that one hasn’t seen in a year.

It’s like a reunion for those that come regularly and an opportunity to join in the Moville DylanFest community for those visiting for the first time.

Al Diesan

Al Diesan will be opening Stuck Inside of Moville – of course.

al diesan in Rosatos at DylanFest

Al Diesan playing In Rosatos 2013

He’s come all the way from Sardinia via three planes a couple of buses and a taxi to play for us.

He’ll have come replete with his Dylan outfits to change into.

And he’ll have come with his 4 different sets for the 4 different night that he is playing.

He’ll change into one – and then it will begin.

Paddy the Shoe

The first time local musician Paddy the Shoe saw and heard Al he said “I think that nowadays I’d rather hear Al play than Bob himself”. Reminded of this a few days later, Paddy, who has seen Dylan more than 40 times, said “Well maybe that was going a bit far”.

But you know what he means.

Al always gets us into the festival spirit on the opening night.

He’s certain to do so again.

And we’ll say hello again to old friends and hello to new ones.

And there will be three more days of it after this.

Bring it on!