DylanFest 2016

I woke up to see clear blue skies for the start of DylanFest 2016.

It seems that it is to stay sunny and good for the next few days.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are bright and sunny with Sunday still a bit mixed but the forecast has been getting better and better so that might well change for the better too.

The Great Dylan in the Sky has assured that the only showers will be during the night.

Buzz About the Town

There’s been a buzz on the DylanFest Moville Facebook page.

It looks like there are plenty of people coming.

The great Al Diesan has already arrived and was spotted in Rosatos.

al diesan in Rosatos at DylanFest

Al Diesan playing In Rosatos 2013

Mickey the Hat will be here at around 11am today and Bobby Does Dylan catches the 1:30pm ferry from Scotland with his entourage.

Already here, for the second year running, is Tara Boehm, who has come all the way from Philadelphia. She couldn’t get a room in the hostel this year as it is full so she is staying with Carmel Baker. There may still be camping and camper van facilities there.


There is still accommodation available, including in the centrally placed Caiseal Mara hotel but don’t wait till you get here to book.

Other accommodation is being posted on the DylanFest Moville Facebook page.

If yu have any available accommodation let me know or post it there.

Bumper DylanFest

It is looking like a bumper DylanFest this year especially as the weather is so good.

We are intending having a few Open Mics during the day this year.

Indeed, because of the weather, we’re going to have at least one outdoors.

We are going to have an Open Mic in the Circle at the White Wall in Bath Green on the shore.

There will definitely be one on Saturday perhaps starting around 2pm and on Sunday if the weather is good.

We have lined a few people up to play.

If you are in Moville town just walk down to the shore and look left and you will see the White Wall.

White Wall of Moville

The acoustics are great there so you can do it unplugged.

You can see the White Wall in the picture at the top of the article.

As a kid when on holiday here we used to shout at the Circle and hear our voices reverberate across the lough.

Go into the Circle and shout and you will see what I mean about the acoustics.

It’s a  great family atmosphere there, with a view across the salmon fishing Lough Foyle with Northern Ireland on the other side of the lough.

Bring a picnic.

To see what is on over the weekend click on Programme of Events.

Open Mics in Pubs

Later on, in the late afternoon / late evening there will be Open Mics in pubs to be selected.

Keep an eye here and on the DylanFest Moville website for what is happening.

It looks like it is going to be a great weekend.

….and Al Diesan starts it off in Rosatos tonight.

Come gather round people….