Tara Boehm from Philadelphia

Tara Boehm, 33, flew in last year for DylanFest weekend in Moville last year and loved it so much that she is coming back again this weekend.

Indeed she is in the air from JFK airport as I write.

Tara had a great time last year and met a lot of people and made a lot of friends.

She really enjoyed the acts and said they were ‘supercool’.

Tara Boehm

Tara Boehm

The festival was ‘cool beans’.

It’s great to hear of people coming from afar for our festival.

A couple of years ago Dave Masterson flew in from Cleveland for the festival and really enjoyed it. He sat there on the high chair in Rosatos all weekend with a contented smile on his face.

He said that it was great to listen to Dylan music all weekend.

Tara Boehm from Philadelphia

Tara Boehm from Philadelphia

Coming back again will be Mickey the Hat from Wales.

And, of course, there is Al Diesan coming from Sardinia in Italy to play for us again.

It’s great to see so many people coming from so far for the festival.

From what we know Tara is coming farthest.

So, if you see Tara, say hello.