Cooley Dig

There’s a bunch of archaeologists in town, staying at the hostel, and they are making some exciting finds at Cooley Cross.
It seems that they are finding artefacts at a steady rate.
The team of archaeologists are presenting their results on the survey work on Thursday evening 25th August Carndonagh Library at 7pm.

Donagh Cross

There is also some significant news for Carndonagh, as part of the team have been out there also working near the Donagh Cross.
It should be a very interesting evening and there has been a lot if interest with many people visiting the sites.
There is some information on and a great selection of photos by Sean Beattie from the Cooley Dig.
According to  Trish Murphy, Artefacts so far include:-
– glass,
– iron ore,
– tip of a bellows,
– nails,
– charcoal,
– polished pebble (possibly gaming pebble).
These all seem to indicate a working area where metalwork was taking place.

Hand Place Stone

There are lots of hand placed stone too.
They should know more by the weekend about the stone.
The dig is taking place in an area that showed a precinct wall from their geophysics results last year.
Martin Hopkins is busy up there and local archaeologist Brian Lafferty has also been helping with the dig.