Sunday Evening

There’s a good programme of events at the BeatlesFest on the Lough on Sunday evening and night.

First up is Dahlia who are playing from 8:30pm in the Caiseal Mara.

Some of you will have seen them play in Rosatos on Friday night to great acclaim and you’ll get a second chance to see them.

Those of you who weren’t able to make Friday will have an opportunity to see them tonight.

The Clock

Next up in the Clock at around 10pm will be he first appearance at the festival of the Cavern Brothers (normally called the Cavanagh Brothers).

Many people would consider them to be the best band that play around here and they are the only full-time band from around here that I know of.

It will be great to hear them play at the BeatlesFest.

They tell me that they have a legendary drummer playing with them but won’t reveal his name until the night.

There’s speculation that he has played with a lot of big name stars.


Then in Rosatos there will be Damien Sheridan who is one of the most popular players in the area.

He has played a number of BeatlesFests previously.

It looks like it is going to be a great end to the festival weekend.