Border CafeWe all love a good old take away on the weekend (and even during the week at times), so it’s quite a blessing to have a No. 1 take away on our doorstep here in the village. The Border Café is just that. Well known for it’s infamous chips (the best around) it even remains open to cater for late hours (let’s face it, pub hours) on the weekends!!
Earlier today I popped in to the said café an errand and immediately smelled the coffee. A self-confessed coffee shop addict, I was taken aback. Surely there wasn’t really a coffee shop amidst this well known take away. Indeed there is just that. And so a delicous Mocha was ordered. Border Cafe Mocha
As it wasn’t quite lunch time, I decided only to have the coffee. However, propietor Stephanie arrived down with a basket of goodies. Just what I didn’t need, but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Scrumptious!Border Cafe treats
As I was flicking through the programme for local activites over the festival weekend my eyes wandered to the menu on the wall. This café not only caters for your burger and chips and all the regular ‘chippie’ deals, but it has a selection of ‘gluten free’ options, ‘healthy breakfast options (turkey burger breakfast)’ and many more. There’s even daily ‘specials’ to be had. Hmmm, I think my oven might break down this weekend!! And to top it all, should you need a breakfast cooked and delivered to your table (wedding mornings, party mornings or other) a service is also available from here.Border Cafe brekkie
As I enjoyed my Mocha, I wondered if The Border Café might also supply my other self-confessed tipple, ‘Green Tea’. And there it was indeed.
There really is something for everyone inside this local Café and if you think it’s just another ‘Greasy Spoon’, think again!
Coming soon to the establishment is a selection of new seating and tables. It really is worth a wee visit and you just might be surprised as to what all you find on that menu. And of course there’s ‘free wi-fi’. Where would we be without it! Eat, drink coffee/tea and surf the net. Home from home in almost every way.
The Border Café is open 7 days a week, and hours to suit all. Check out their faceboook page for more details on just what they have available.