Live Music

As usual, there ia a host of live music in Moville this Saturday night.

The Clock

That great new local band, The High Class Hobos are on in The Clock.

Paddy McLaughlin has been impressed with them and has recommended them to various people.

They play the classics of Rock and Pop.

There should be a good crowd to see them tonight.


Tonight it is that great trio, The Decibelles in Rosatos.

They consist of Debbie, Geraldine and Aaron.

What a great sound they make.

They get people on the floor dancing more than anyone else.

Annie’s Bar

Another great duo, The Brambles, is on in Annie’s Bar tonight.

I remember seeing them before and being impressed.

There should be plenty of people to see them tonight.

Other Pubs

There’s always country music on in the Corner Bar on a Saturday night and Rawdons always has an act on.