Star Wars and Moville

As most people around here know, they are going to make the new Star Wars movie in Malin Head.

It should bring a big boost to the area.

Altogether there are estimated to be around 400 crew members and cast coming to the area.

Economic Boost to Inishowen

It is expected that it will boost the local economy by hundreds of thousands of Euros and maybe into the millions.

The local hotels are already feeling the benefits of it with many of the cast and crew being put up there.

Other businesses, like restaurants, pubs and shops are just starting to see the benefits.

They are expected to be in the area for at least a month while making the film and spending freely while they are here.

Short Tourist Season

The tourist season is now reckoned to be just 51 says long now, from July 12th to the end of August so this will come as a timely boost to local businesses after a long winter.

Grabbers, the movie, was a big boost to Moville and the area when it came here a few years ago.

However, Star Wars is a whole different ball game in terms of numbers of crew and cast and money spent.

Expect to meet many of them when you are out and about of an evening.