Beatles / Dylan Weekend

At the end of August when the DylanFest was over I looked at the calendar.

There was only Halloween between then and Christmas.

That seemed too long without a bit of fun.

So, I tought it might be an idea to get some of the acts back from the Dylan and Beatles festivals.

So, we’ve got a Dylan / Beatles weekend this weekend.

Michael Thomas of Portstewart

I wonder if anyone remembers Michael Thomas, he great American guitarist who played at both the BeatlesFest and DylanFest?

He opened the BeatlesFest in Annie’s Baron the Thursday night and played the keynote Saturday night on Rosatos.

He played the DylanFest there on the Friday night.

I’m sure many of you have seen him.

He plays a great virtuoso version of Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. Click on Michael Thomas at Rosatos to hear it.

Well, he’s coming back and is playing on the Saturday night In Rosatos this weekend.

He will be playing a joint Dylan / Beatles set – that’s two for the price of one.

Shaun Hiboy

Rosatos also have Shaun Hiboy on the Friday night – and he too will be playing a joint Dylan / Beatles set.

He played both festivals in such places as the Redcastle Hotel and Rosatos. Indeed, his gig with Paddy the Shoe on the Sunday night of the DylanFest in Rosatos was one of the highlights of the Dylan festival.

Also, joining in the Dylan / Beatles weekend is The Clock, who came in for both festivals in the summer.

The Clock

Savage Henry’s full band will be playing there on the Saturday night.

They, too, will be playing a mixture of Dylan and Beatles songs as well as s few others of the classics hey normally do.

I’m told that they’ll play 15 Dylan and Beatles songs.

To should be a fun weekend.

Many people haven’t been out since the summer festivals and it is a great opportunity to go out when other people will be about.

For those of you who would like to come to Moville for the Beatles / Dylan weekends here’s some accommodation.


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There’s also the Caiseal Mara Hotel right in the centre of Moville