Moville Sea Scouts

RTE are going to run a Quiz in December and have been looking for contestants from round this area to take part.

Anyone can apply and all applicants will get an audition.

However, we decided to have a practice quiz in Rosatos on Friday where people could register for the RTE Quiz.

It was decided that it might be of benefit to the Sea Scouts who need funds.

It was a good night with 7 rounds of 8 questions each.

RTE Quiz Clips

The RTE Quiz is going to show clips from, and ask questions about, the Eighties, Nineties, Noughties and Teenies so we had questions from those decades.

It seemed to go pretty well.

There were some good prizes at the raffle and the parents contributed some excellent prizes, including Gillen’s shop and Biddy’s.

Money Raised

The Sea Scouts managed to raise a whacking €267 and a an extra ten pounds sterling.

That was much appreciated by them and will help a lot.

RTE are looking for teams of three for their quiz, the winners of which will get a luxury holiday abroad – and a chance to appear on television.

To sign up for the audition just fill in the form by clicking on RTE Quiz