Flies Back in Moville

What an amazing end to September and early October we have been having.

So, much so that the flies are back again. It’s great to see them – or what they represent anyway.

I had to get rid of couple of blue-bottles today already.

It’s not just the flies that are back but the butterflies as well.

I’ve seen several over the last few days.

It’s sunny with clear blue skies as I write just before going for a game of pitch and putt at Cooley.

Yes, it is still open.

Not only that, the wild raspberry buds, and now blooms, have appeared.

When I say wild raspberries, it’s those orange ones, sometimes called Champagne berries, that grow in late spring / early summer.

We may get a new crop in the middle of October if this keeps up.

Wouldn’t that be something?

And it looks like the good weather is going to stick around for a while yet.

I’m told that the Pitch and Putt course at Cooley will stay open if the good weather sticks around and maybe till the end of October.