Al Diesan and Bobby Does Dylan

There’s been a slight change of plan tonight at the biggest set-piece event of the festival, the Bobby Does Dylan Sound and Light Show.

It’s a bit of a treat for Movillians and its visitors as Al Diesan, the man from Sardinia, is going to support Bobby.

He is going to start at around 7:30pm for half an hour before Bobby Does Dylan comes on, himself, just after 8pm.

That should be some show.

It’s not to be missed.

The show last night was superb. Said Bobby “a guy came up to me afterwards in tears. I Thought maybe his wife had left him or he was going to ask for his money back but he loved the show so much that he was in tears at the end”.

Tickets can be bought at the Caiseal Mara Hotel or you can pay at the door. It’s €5 a ticket and there is a reduced rate for children.