This is an article rescued from an old cache of the previous CraicOn.


Nicky Breslin from Derry attended the 2009 DylanFest in Moville in early July along with her boyfriend Bob Armstrong from Ballyclare and other friends.

They say that music be the food of love but Bob took it one step further on the last day of last year’s DylanFest.


After a great weekend of Bob Dylan music he felt so inspired and so sure of what he wanted for the future that he went along Moville’s shore, took a load of stones and pebbles and constructed the words Marry Me in the water – just before the bathing boxes.

According to Nicky, there was just about an hour to go till they went home after the DylanFest when he asked her to go along Moville’s famous shore walk.

It would round off a great weekend.

Great View

As they were waling down the steps Bob pointed out what a great view it was across the lough.

“Look at that” he said.

Nicky told me that she immediately thought that a marriage proposal had taken place that morning.

“I wonder who the lucky girl is” she said.

“It’s you” said Bob “if you want it to be”.

Marry Me DylanFest

Marry Me Proposal at DylanFest


She immediately said yes and now they are engaged and making future marriage plans.

So, what did Nicky enjoy most about the DylanFest on The Lough?

She thought that the gig in the grounds of the hostel at Gulladuff House was great and in a great picturesque setting and, of course, she thought The Plea were great in the Town Clock on the Saturday night.

Lough Foyle

However, her best memory of the 2009 DylanFest will be her first walk along the shores of Lough Foyle in Moville and the romantic proposal from Bob.

Nicky and her friends are regulars at the DylanFest and BeatlesFest in Moville.

Indeed they now come up on other occasions because they love Moville so much now and have taken rented accommodation at the Cosy Cottage over the Christmas period.

Not only is Moville becoming Ireland’s Motown or Musicville but it looks as if it is becoming a truly romantic location for young lovers.